*Ilahi per xhihad*

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Comment posted by ), 03/31/2013 at 7:35pm (UTC):
Frankly, I cant even believe you people spend your time worrying OR commenting on all this CRAP! Celebritieswhat a waste of timeWHO CARES!! Shell probably be divorced in another two or three years anyway. Lives of the rich and famouswhat overly dramatic waste of time! I watch their movies (most of them suck, particularly in the last 5 years or so), and then I go on with life feeling like they dont deserve to make what they do and wish they would do something worth while in Hollywood, rather than put out crappy movies that arent worth the gas consumed in going to see them, and gaining all sorts of publicity in their lives with BIG rings that really dont mean a THING at the end of the day, because VOWS really dont mean a thing to the rich and famous. Again, what a waste of time. You guys should find something with while to do with your time! This is the first time Ive ever commented on one of these blogs, in my entire life. I can honestly say that I would be ashamed of myself if this is the way I chose to spend my time. Hey Jessica, good luck, but Im sure Ill be reading about you again soon, in the divorce sectionjust like the rest of you clowns in Hollywood. What a JOKE!

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